Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Indian sex story

Land lady ko choda

By: sameer

Hi readers, I'm an stock broker 25 years from mumbai and full of sex and desire for sex. I became sexually active when I was 14 yrs old. My friends told me how to masturbate and I started doing it. It was really enjoying. I always wanted to have sex but could not get chance till got admission in engg. I did my engg. From MAHARASHTRA.I didn't take admission in hostel rather I decided to stay in a private house. My landlord was working in electricity board . He had one wife and two children. Landlady was a beautiful and
Well figured lady. Her boobs were very firm and large.36-D. Big boobs are always my weakness. She was very well built 5'6" and very sexy .From first day I started masturbating thinking about her. Her age was around 35.Her legs were also very beautiful and superb was her butts they always aroused me. After my first sem exam when I returned to my college I found my landlord was transferred to mumbai and at home were sexy landlady , her 15 yrs old daughter and 6 yrs old son. I used to live in a room . After about one week I became friendly with my land lady I used to go to her house to see T.V. Soon I thought that I can fuck her.

Her behavior also became very friendly. She started going to market with me on bike which was of her hubby. She even never hesitated to buy her undergarments etc in front of me . I found that she wears very sexy looking undergarments. I used to say her that she looks very younger than her age. One day I didn't go to my college .I decided to stay at home. In the daytime there was a movie on TV so I went to her house. She was washing clothes in courtyard wearing only blouse and petticoat. I was staring at her and watching T.V. simultaneously. She had folded her petticoat up to her knees my prick (lund) got erected .It was even aching to fuck her. I decided to get her that day. When she finished her work she also joined me .Suddenly power went off. So we started chatting she said she doesn't feel good in her husband's absence. I slowly turned discussion and said she looks very beautiful. At this she stared at me she even had a look at my shorts which I was wearing. I was sure she saw my tool erected. I said she looks like elder sister of her daughter at this she said u are joking. I said I swear and if u will wear skirt top of her she will look much beautiful and boys like me will follow her. She smiled at it. I asked if she can wear it now she resisted initially but I dared and took her hand into my hands And requested her at this she petted at my thighs and said ok. God I was in seventh heaven .My dick started jumping in my shorts. But she said don't do any shararat with me. I promised but I knew that today I will fuck her like anything and uski choot aaj main phadne wala tha. I started fondling my lund. When she came out I got stunned

She was looking very young and sexy .I whistled at seeing her and winked at her. At this she smiled and said u are breaking your promise. I said my heart is breaking barriers .Her boobs were trying to tear her top. She was not wearing bra and her tits were visible also. Skirt could reach only up to her thighs .Superb shaven legs I got best erection that time. I went near her and said I want to kiss her at this she resisted but I grabbed her from waist and started smooching her for some time she tried to get freed but then she stopped trying .I felt her breath had become warm and she started breathing heavily. I started caressing her ass(gand) and raised her skirt upwards and inserted my hand in her panty from backside and pressed her butts very hard. Till now she had stopped resisting. I continued smooching her and with one hand started fondling her boobs (mummay, choochie whatever u call it).I took her to bed raised her top opened and inserted my hand into her bra and with my fist I pressed her ball very hard. At this she started moaning. I kept on doing it I now touched her cunt (choot it was really a choot not bhosda.) It was very wet and throwing flames .At this she got up and said u r crossing your limits. I said I really love her and want her . She got very confused She came near to me and said its not fine She touched my tool and said I know u want me and want to fuck me. Your tool also looks good but I’m married and mother of two. So I can't do this. I got up and again kissed her at this she inserted her hand in my shorts and started massaging it. She lowered my shorts and undies and said I know what u want .I reached in heaven.

She said she wont allow me to fuck her but she will give me much pleasure and she took my tool in her mouth. I was flying in heaven. She was sucking my lund like banana I said ok I will also give u pleasure in other way .I said can I see her Undressed she said anything except fucking is ok. I undressed her .I got mad we mace 69 position and I started sucking her choot and she was licking my loda. I cummed very soon in her mouth but she drank every drop of my cum. But started sucking it and didn't allow my lund to soften she said I will satisfy u completely so that u will not even think about sex up to a week. We continued sucking each other. Suddenly I inserted my tongue into her vagina and started internal portion of her vagina. Now it was her turn to jump. She said no I will dieeeeee leave me .At this she started crying -mujhe chod do main mar jaaoongeee. Agar main garanm ho gai to mujhe chudwana padega (Leave me or I’ll die. If I will be aroused I will have to get fucked ) This was what I wanted I started licking her vagina. My lund had become hard again .I continued pressing her boobs with one hand, caressing her ass with other hand and licking her vagina. She started crying heavily and said I knew u want to fuck me. At this she got up and said now I want to be fucked so don't delay and do what u wanted. Now even I want It. Ab to tum mujhe chod he do. Tumhara lund bhee mardon wala hai. Aaj tum meri choot phad do. Bahut din ho gaye chudewaye hue. (Fuck me now I also want to be fucked now. I'm dying for cock since several days and also your cock is manly and marvelous). I was completely aroused. So I didn't waste any time and inserted my 6" cock (loda) into her vagina in one shot.

She cried aaj to tum meri phad kar hee manoge. Lekin main bhee phadwana chahti hoon (you will tear my cunt but do it I also want my pussy to be torn ) I started fucking hard my tool was jumping in her pussy like a horse .She was also jumping under me and crying Raja aaj mujhe jor se chodo bade salon ke bad aaj main acchee tarah chudwa rahi hoon. Tere uncle bhee nahin hain Vaise unka bhee ab dheela ho chuka hai (My sweet honey fuck me hard since long I haven’t enjoyed like this. Your uncle's cock is also not so hard and he is also not here ).My cock started aching I wanted to come inside her I started jerking my tool inside her like super fast train at this she clasped my waist with her legs and suddenly I felt her water on my cock inside her cunt. She had reached her orgasm. She cried I’m dying fuck me my honey OOOOOO m aaaaaaaa I'm falling mujhe mere raja ne chod diya hard hard more harderrrr. And she calmed and started kissing me I continued my shots and within a minute I exploded into her it was my biggest cum ever in my life. I stayed over her for few minutes . And then when I got Up I saw it was 2'O clock.

She wiped my tool with her panty. Kissed me and said you seems to be tired I will bring u a coffee. In the same position she went to kitchen. Gave me coffee and she also had one. I was sipping coffee and lying on her lap on the sofa. Till the time I finished coffee I also started feeling horny. Since her children were supposed to come around she also agreed. And we did it again. It was marvelous. After that I started fucking her daily like a husband .She used to come to my room in night. Our relation continued for all four years .She wept much when I completed my engg and came back. Then I went to Delhi worked there as an engineer and fucked my neighbor’s 16 years old daughter. Now I'm in mumbai and deadly wants relation with some beautiful aunty / girl I get aroused by seeing great figure of mumbai beauties. So if any girl or aunty of mumbai / Pune wants to have intimate relation with me she can mail me




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