Wednesday, August 5, 2009

My Wife's Poolside Encounter

It was a hot summer afternoon and my wife Liz and I were hanging out by the pool along with my brother-in-law Armando, whose wife dropped him off on the way to the mall. We were all feeling a bit buzzed after many frozen margaritas in the hot sun. Liz wore one of her tight bikinis which was low cut to allow her 34C breasts to basically hang out. You could easily see her nipples through the bra top as she lay there on the chaise lounge soaking up the sun. I watched Armando's eyes continually glance downward toward her cleavage as they exchanged some small talk. I was not sure if he was even listening to her responses. My wife and Armando have always flirted with each other and even engaged in some playful hugging and touching. I was pretty sure it had not gone further than that.

After a little while, Liz sat up in the chair and lowered her sunglasses on her nose and looked at both of us and said, "I'm roasting out here. Anybody want to join me for a swim?" She had a playful tone in her voice and I did not have a chance to respond when Armando jumped up and said, "I will." I sat back in my chair and said, "Go ahead, I'm still nursing this margarita." She responded, "OK, your loss." I did not know what she meant by that but I brushed it off and watched her walk slowly to the edge of the pool. Armando dived in and was quickly in the middle of the pool staring at my wife as she walked down the stairs into the water. She yelled over to me, "Are you sure you aren't coming in? The water feels great." I responded, "I'm fine. Enjoy." She said, "Don't worry. I will."

Liz dived in from the stairs and swam to the middle of the pool where Armando was. They continued to talk and toss the ball around as I leaned back in my chair and closed my eyes. I was getting a bit sleepy thanks to the hot sun and the alcohol. After a short time, I was awoken to some laughter. I opened my eyes to see my wife's arms wrapped around Armando's neck while his hands were below the water around her waist. They both looked over at me but I did not move as I gazed at them from behind my dark glasses. My wife had a naughty grin on her face as her hands disappeared under the water and her head sank down to the water level. I then noticed Armando's shorts were completely off and floating near the bottom of the pool. She obviously was stroking him off and he was enjoying it. I thought this was just some playful fun so I sat there and watched. My wife then surprised me and went under water and started going down on his erect cock. She came up for air after thirty seconds and went back under as his hands rested on her head. She repeated this three more times before stopping. Armando then untied her bra top and started massaging my wife's left tit while he placed his other hand on her ass in order to pull her forward to where his dick was now pressing against her stomach. They again looked over at me, but I again I dared not move a muscle.

Armando then removed her bra top and flung it onto the sidewalk. Her boobs were now gently floating on the water. He then reached down and slid her bottom half off and let it fall to the floor of the pool. He started sucking on my wife's tit as he slid his other hand between her legs. Liz continued to stroke his cock and moaned in delight as his fingers disappeared inside her. After about ten minutes, my wife pulled out Armando's hand, licked his middle finger and led him to the stairs. She motioned for him to sit on the stairs where only his chest was above water. She held onto his shoulders and slowly lowered her pussy onto his awaiting cock. Armando's hands guided her the rest of the way as his entire piece disappeared inside her moist chamber. She gyrated up and down and soon the pace quickened. Suddenly she stopped on the downswing as he shot his load inside of her.

She laid her head on his shoulders for a couple minutes as her body went completely motionless. I sat there in amazement. Soon after, she dismounted and climbed the stairs holding Armando's hand and leading him out of the pool. She laid a towel down next to the water's edge and directed him to lie down. His dick was a bit flaccid at this point, so she knelt down and started sucking on it and before long it quickly stood at attention again. She then climbed on top of him and gazed into his eyes as she slid his cock into her ass. She winced at first but then his cock disappeared inside. She rode him hard for several minutes as Armando fondled her tits. She then lay down next to him on the towel and spread her legs and he seemed to know exactly what to do next. Armando jumped up and climbed on top of her and jammed his cock deep inside her. He started pounding her hard as she moaned loudly not caring if anyone could hear. She yelled, "Oh, fuck me! Fuck me hard! I want all of it!" After a couple minutes, Liz wrapped her legs around his and rolled him over to where she was on top and in control again. She then pushed on his chest and road his cock some more. To my surprise, she climbed off and turned herself around and thrust her pussy onto his face. She grabbed his cock with both hands and slowly inserted his throbbing shaft into her mouth until it completely disappeared. Armando let out a loud groan. She then pumped it furiously while Armando's tongue was buried inside her. She must have sensed that he was about to explode because she throated his entire cock and held on as he shot his second load of cum deep down her throat. She then went up and down a couple times to lick up any leftover drops before laying down next to his exhausted cock.

I was now completely speechless as I watched my wife fuck and suck my brother-in-law right in front of me and I did nothing to stop it. After awhile, they got up and Armando dived into the pool to retrieve the swimsuits. My wife hurried to the other side of the pool and put her top back on and slid quietly into the pool to put on the bottom part of her swimsuit. After both were fully dressed, they looked over at me and smiled and then started violently splashing the water in a feeble attempt to wake me. I jumped up out of my chair and said, "Hey, what's going on?" They both started laughing. I yelled back, "I am so ready for that swim now!" Liz yelled back, "You can have the whole pool to yourself. We're exhausted!" They climbed out and sat on the chairs to dry off. I did not say a word but dived in for a disappointed solo swim.




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